Repela™ Liquid is intended for applications where pellets are not an option. Repela™ Liquid is a highly concentrated liquid masterbatch that combines powerful aversives for deterring animals in propylene glycol. In all other respects, Repela™ Liquid acts exactly like Repela™ for Rodents.

How it works

What the research has proven is that animals chew on plastic materials because they look good, smell good and taste good.Repela™ alters that attractiveness in the following four ways:

First, when the animal bites into the plastic, they will experience an extremely foultasting material.

Second, this foul-taste experience is combined with a extraordinarily pungency that causes severe distress to the mucosa of the animal, making the mouth, nose and eyes burn.

Third, Repela™ has a distinct odor that animals will now associate with the bad experience. This leads to behavior modification and animals avoid these products in the future. Fourth, the fear response and unpleasant reaction is also communicated to other animals in the vicinity.