Capsicum oleoresin is the oil extracted from chili peppers and is responsible for making these peppers taste hot. This ingredient is used in the production of hot sauces and it is often added to medicated creams, lotions, and sprays in order to treat muscle or joint pain. It may also be used in pepper spray, a product designed to be used for self-defense purposes. Possible side effects of capsicum oleoresin include redness or burning at the application site or difficulty breathing or swallowing if the product is ingested.

Capsicum oleoresin is available in several concentrations and custom strengths are available. Typically it is used at 6.6% concentration (1,000,000 SHU), 40% (6,400,000 SHU), and 50% (8,000,000 SHU).

Decolorized capsicum oleoresin is available upon request, colors ranging from <1000cu for 40% concentration to <200cu for 6% concentration.

Capsicum oleoresin 40% oil specification

Product Name:Capsicum Oleoresin (Capsaicin)
CAS No:CAS# 8023-77-6
Specification:USP 30

Parameter specification

AppearanceDeep Red Oil
OdorCharacteristic Pungent Smell
Capsaicinoids≥ 40%
Capsaicin≥ 35%
Dihydrocapsaicin≥ 5%
Residual Solvent≤ 50ppm
Loss on Drying≤ 8%
Heavy Metals<10 ppm