Aversion Technologies, Inc.

Protecting People, Pets and Plants


Aversives and Repellants

Aversion Technologies is the world’s premier source of aversive masterbatches and chemicals. We offer both naturally occurring compounds and synthetic chemicals to companies around the world, making their products safer and less likely to be damaged by animals.

Our masterbatches and specialty chemicals render products unpalatable to animals and humans. They prevent insects from attacking plants and invading homes. They protect children and pets by preventing them from consuming dangerous goods liquids and pastes. Exposure to aversives chemicals results in future avoidance - behavior modification that leads to long-term protection of people, plants and products.

Our Repela™ masterbatches are primarily incorporated into plastic materials, such as electric wires and fiber optic cables, plastic pipes, and agricultural mulch. Repela masterbatches are based on Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and Ethylene Butyl Acrylate (EBA), making Repela compatible with a wide range of polymers. Typical letdown rates are 3-5% for Repela™ for Rodents, Repela™ for Insects, and Repela™ Combi.

Chief among our chemical aversives are the synthetic bitterants denatonium benzoate and denatonium saccharide; the naturally hot and spicy capsaicin derived from hot peppers, nonivamide, a synthetic analogue of capsaicin, and the naturally occurring bitterants colocynth and andrographolide.

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